And the Journey Begins

Thanks for popping into the space I’ve carved for myself in this crazy cyber world. I want to provide you with a little context before I jump into things so you can come to understand my perspective. You certainly don’t have to agree with my perspective, but I figure it will greatly influence the content of this lovely blog and shape the many posts I hope to write.

What better way to share my thoughts than in the form of a poem? I wrote this well over a year ago, but I keep coming back to it regularly. Whenever I find myself questioning my choices, my actions, my status, my place…I remind myself that life is about the journey, not the end result. It never really ceases being a ‘work in progress.’ We are constantly growing, changing, evolving, and if we do it right, improving. I know that no matter how many steps I fall back, there’s always the opportunity to take a leap forward.

I’ve come to take comfort in this idea and I hope that maybe, sometime soon or perhaps many years later, you will, too.

A work in progress

I suppose life is, in its entirety, a continual work in progress.
I know for sure it’s a whole lot of work
With sometimes very little progress.
We keep
Hoping that one day
Our work will be done,
The light can be dimmed,
We can close our mind’s eye,
And lay our heart’s groggy head
On the contented pillow of progress, our life has churned out.

 By Jenna Bernard (2016)

Is it too cliche to say, “Just enjoy the ride?”


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